If you do not want to listen to the operation or the fear is too great, you can “fall asleep” in our offices.

Pain-free surgery is very important to us. In situation when local anaesthia is not sufficient we cooperate with an outpatient anesthetist team to carry out all our operations in general anesthesia or sedation.

Treatment under general anesthesia is often chosen for outpatient surgical removal of all four wisdom teeth, extensive bone constructions or implantations. Talk to us in advance, if you want this form of anesthesia. The health insurance companies rarely pay general anesthesia.

Another option is sedation / drug calming. Here, the sedative drug is administered half an hour before the procedure, usually in tablet form. The patient perceives the surgical procedure as more pleasant, anxiety-free and shorter.

Patients treated under general anesthesia or sedation must appear in the office with an attendant.

We are working with Anadocs Anesthesia Practice Arnd Többens & Dr. med. Przemyslaw Socko, who can be reached as follows:

Arnd Többens
0179 4218111

Dr. med. Przemyslaw Socko
0173 4293857

Phone 030 7448311
Fax 030 76406910